• Zahrée Veerman

Squirrel at large

Staying awake after a night shift is not always an easy thing to do.. butt then again when I received a call that apparently a squirrel had found his way into our shop in Vianden there was no choice to be made!

As soon as I entered the shop undeniable traces of squirreldom where everywhere. The offender however was nowhere to be seen. After some 20 Minutes of searching there it was. Cute as hell and, so I believe, frightened as me on my first day of school. Shortly after it escaped my sight I've not been able to find it again.. Maybe Didac did.. but just to be sure we left some NicNac's and water so at least it won't be hungry as long it's with us ♥♥♥.

Btw. we actually have some squirrels made by the artist Marie-Josée Kerschen for sale in our shop so if you love them like I do, be sure to pas by ☺

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