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“Zahree Veerman is an artist born 1983 in Volendam near Amsterdam in the Netherlands and raised in the north of Luxembourg. Before he decided to become an professional artist/illustrator and graphic designer he started out by learning the trade of furniture carpentry.


During his first studies he learned to draw technical drawings with ink on paper and got exposed to the world detailed ornaments, the design history of furniture making and meticulous craftsmanship. Inspired by his new found love for drawing and especially making detailed ink work he decided to return to the Netherlands and enrol at the Academy of Art and Design in Maastricht. And after getting his bachelor with a major in visual arts added a year of Communications Design at the FH Trier in Germany before settling in Luxembourg again.


Back in Luxembourg he opened his first art and graphics atelier in his family home in Clervaux 2014. After 5 years in the “Cité de l'image”, attracted by the lively art community, he moved to Vianden and founded the “Atelier Säitlech Verstoppt” with his wife the artist Christiane Schmalen in 2021.


Still mostly working with pen and ink his delicate drawings are rich in detail and inspired by the arts and crafts movement, the Jugendstil and Japanese aesthetics.”

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