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New Atelier in Vianden!

After the premature end of the Manufaktur project here in Vianden I felt kinda down for a while. Every time I see the news (or hear because I stopped watching TV in June 2020..) I can feel the sting of having to close the shop because of Covid-19 and the measures taken by our government here in Luxembourg. But with every time a door closes another door opens. And that's exactly what happened this January. I just handed over the keys to my landlord or the Manufaktur and Marie-Josée Kerschen, a local Artist, that owns the apartment I'm currently living in offers me to rent the atelier of her late Husband Carlo Signorini! Today it's the 17th of April and we are a huge step closer to having a new project up and running. A lot of manual labor and conceptual work is still ahead of us but the light at the end of the tunnel is finally visible.

So first of all, as usual, I'm not alone in this project. Christiane Schmalen, painter and illustrator from Luxembourg (and my Girlfriend <3) decided to be part of what Atelier Säitlech Verstoppt(hidden sideways) is going to be. She works in a totally different way than I am and uses a lot of happy colors and mystical themes in her artistic work. One of the parallels between her and my work is the storytelling element that is part of most of my drawings. Even if my approach is more subtle than hers.

Atelier SV will be a place for art, illustration, and storytelling as well as the manufacturing of art frames, objects, and small furniture out of recuperated resources. We already found a lot of material we can transform into something else that you will be able to see when you visit our atelier, our exhibitions, or social media.

May Sunday 23th and Monday 24th will be the opening dates of our new creation! Invitations will be sent via mail and social media. On these two days, however, there is a lot more to see in Vianden than only the opening of our Workshop. The KonschTour is happening at exactly the same moment and will show the works of over 40 other artists! If you have never heard of Konschtour please visit their website at

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